Why Your Children Should Eat Meat

Children can be fussy eaters. From putting up with endless tantrums to resorting to various tactics and games to get a kid to eat, parents know that mealtime can be quite the handful. Childhood is a vital period is a person’s life as most of the body’s crucial development happens during this stage. Nutrition plays a critical role in nurturing a healthy body and mind. A balanced diet is key and meat can play a very important role in providing all the right nutrients in a child’s formative years. Here are some benefits of a meat diet for your child-

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  1. Chicken

This lean meat is a very good source of protein and helps build, maintain and repair body tissue. Chicken is a rich source of vitamin B6, vitamin D and iron. It is also rich in calcium which is essential for growing children as it helps in maintaining vital bodily functions and the nervous system. Eating chicken also provides the body with selenium, a vital mineral which facilitates antioxidant activity, lowering free radical damage and inflammation. Chicken is a healthy and filling option for kids and can help lower the tendency of snacking on unhealthy food like junk and sweets. In addition to that, some warm chicken soup works wonders for the common cold, providing relief from stuffy noses and sore throats.

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  1. Fish

Fish is a powerhouse of nutrition for children. Scratches and bruises are an inevitable part growing up and fish has protein that helps repair the body and build strong bones and muscles. Protein also facilitates the development of skin, nails, hair, heart and lungs. In addition, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which play an important role in the early stages of development of the brain and nerves. This nutrient is also being extensively researched for the potential role it might play in preventing dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Oil rich fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin D. The former helps in maintaining healthy skin and vision while the latter helps the body in calcium absorption. This meat also improves concentration levels among children and helps induce better sleep. A breather for mothers everywhere- you can now have more sleep for yourself. J

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  1. Mutton

An excellent source of iron, it helps in building healthy blood among children by promoting production of hemoglobin and prevent anemia. Mutton is also loaded with B vitamins which help in the functioning of the nervous system and boosting the health of nerve cells in the body.  Like other meats, mutton is also rich in protein which is important fuel to sustain a kid’s energy levels. It also helps in the development of bone and teeth as it rich in calcium, an essential nutrient during the crucial years of childhood. Like chicken, mutton is also a great source of selenium which boosts the health of the immune system, helping ward off diseases. Some delicious mutton trotters in Paya soup can help maintain a healthy digestive tract, bones and skin.

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  1. Quail

With its sweet and delicate texture, this low fat meat is a good source of phosphorous, iron, copper and zinc. Phosphorous plays an important role in kidney function and cell growth. Zinc is a key mineral in forming DNA and protein, helping in wound healing and immunity. Quail also provides the body with niacin, a B vitamin that helps in turning food into energy.

Packed with many essential vitamins and minerals, meat can play a very integral role in a child’s diet. For nutritious picks of meat for your kids, shop from Brown Apron, an online meat store, for all your meat needs.